Fusion Dance News

Elite Hip Hop April 10th 8:15-9:00pm with Miss Cailey

Champions Dance Competition April 12th-14th

Mercy Dance Competition (Fredericton) April 18th-21st - Elite Team Only

Admin Fee for 2024-2025 due by April 20th

Fusion Placement Class for 2024-2025 TBD

Fusion Force (Jr and Sr) Registration due by April 20th 

Shock Dance Competition April 24th-28th
(Workshops only April 24th for those registered) 

Hip Hop Crew Auditions May 1st 7:00-8:00pm with Miss Cailey

Extra Dance Packages for 2024-2025 will be sent April 20th, Due by May 15th

Mini Stars News

Registration is open for 2024-2025! Please email for inquires! Registration due by May 1st. 

1st year Mini Stars will move to 2nd year Mini Stars in 2024-2025.

Champions Dance Competition April 11th-14th

Shock Dance Competition April 25th-28th